Sunday, December 31, 2017

Booth #311 -- BD Loops Dispelling Loop Myths at FENCETECH’18

BD Loops Dispelling Loop Myths at FENCETECH’18
BD Loops has been hard at work designing new interactive booth displays and training updates that dispel common loop myths.
Through the years, it has been BD Loops mission to put to rest common misconceptions about inductance loops. Many of the myths in our industry make it harder for installers to design safe reliable systems and hurts the installer’s bottom line. BD Loops’ ultimate goal is to teach installers how to save time, money, and materials by installing loops right the first time.
The BD Loops booth will be dispelling these common myths at FENCETECH’18:
  • How far do you really need to keep powerlines away from loops – the answer will shock you!
  • See how air pockets form and what types of problems they can cause your loop systems.
  • Does wire gauge affect loop performance? Check out our interactive display.
  • Learn simple loop layout guidelines that will reduce the chance of a vehicle closing on a gate. Unfortunately, many “industry standards” for loop layout design lead to dangerous systems.
  • How far should the loop be placed from the curbs? 
  • How do you install loops on a large gate system?

Stop by BD Loops booth (#311) and discover the simple truth about loops. Most importantly, reduce your liability and increase your profits by learning the best practices when installing loops.  
Interested in learning more about loops? BD Loops has an extensive collection of articles and test res

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